Principles for Sustainable Events

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Join global events industry leaders in endorsing the principles for sustainable events

Definition for event sustainability

Sustainability for events means taking action towards preserving our natural environment; promoting a healthy, inclusive society; and supporting a thriving economy.

Four Principles of Event Sustainability

  1. Event organisers and suppliers share responsibility for implementing and communicating sustainable practices to their stakeholders​
  2. Basic environmental practices include:
    • Conservation of resources, including water, energy and natural resources
    • Waste management
    • Carbon emissions reduction and management
    • Supply chain management and responsible purchasing
    • Biodiversity preservation
  3. Basic social considerations include:
    • Universal human rights
    • Community impacts
    • Labor practices
    • Respect for culture
    • Safety and security
    • Health and well-being
  4. Sustainable events support thriving economic practices through:
    • Collaboration and partnerships
    • Local support, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
    • Stakeholder participation
    • Equitable economic impact
    • Transparency
    • Responsible governance

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