The First Step in Combatting Food Waste in Events…

In Sustainable Events by creatingevents

…is to start in your daily life…and go from there.

1) Make a shopping list. Making a list helps sensible grocery shopping: before buying check what you really need and remember that wasting food means wasting money! For events, plan menus that use ingredients in several dishes.
2) Choose fresh and seasonal produce whenever you can, it’s the most sustainable choice;
4) Place foods with the shortest shelf life at the front of your fridge and the others in the freezer. For events, use smaller platters so uneaten food that isn’t served can be repurposed or donated;
5) When you cook, only prepare the food you can actually eat. Think carefully about portions. Think twice when you use food as a garnish or decor;
6) Do not dispose of leftovers or food scrap: Get creative with your recipes;
7) Did you buy too much food? Share it with neighbors and friends! Any opportunity is good for spending time together. Check out Olio-a food sharing app.
8) If you have any leftovers from your meal at the restaurant, ask for a container to take them home with you. For your events, contact food recovery organizations like Food Rescue;
9) Use Technology, look for apps to help you waste less food. Make sure you have an accurate guest count and BE HONEST with your caterer on the actual numbers. Use an app like Social Tables so the kitchen knows exactly how many plates need to be fired up in real time.